Thayer Naples

As a musician in New York City, I performed at many high-profile events and venues, such as the 50th Anniversary of Hair, at La Mamas Theatre, The Rainbow Room, at Rockefeller Center, 54 Below, The Metropolitan Room, The Triad, Rockwood, and The Bitter End. Currently, I now reside in Atlanta G.A. where I have worked as a Teacher Assistant at Georgia State University. I am currently a soloist, sideman, instructor, and arranger.

As an instructor, I strive to work closely with students to inspire and help them cultivate a strong foundational knowledge of music theory on their instrument. I additionally help them refine their desired repertoire.

“Students need to acquire and be able to execute skillsets and knowledge, that will be mandatory for their work in the present-day music industry.”

This knowledge consists of being a versatile instrumentalist of all different genres, an avid sight reader, music theory, and finally, strong communication skills.

“When students are equipped with these skillsets, they are ready to embark on their professional career.”

I am seeking employment opportunities as a College Professor, in the areas of my specificity: Guitar instruction, (classroom or individually), ensemble coach, history of the Guitar in Europe and the United States, and Western Music History.

Are you interested? Please let me know!

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Dusk on the Desert Plain


Recorded by Josh Druckman, and made possible by Raymon Eluzoa and Micheline Gingras, Dusk on the Desert Plain, brings a modern take to a western feel. Inspired by the movie soundtracks of spaghetti western greats such as, “Fistful of Dollars” and “For a Few Dollars More,” Dusk on the Desert Plain provides interpretations of the western sound through electric and acoustic steel and nylon string. Thayer provides two original tracks including the title, which showcase the great drumming of Dan Berkery and the elegant bass playing of Jeff Koch.