Thayer Naples

Studying and graduating from Berklee College Of Music in 2013, Thayer has a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Performance. After graduation at Berklee, Thayer settled in NYC where he has been a professional working musician for 5 years. After the pandemic, Thayer moved to Atlanta, Georgia. His track record is filled with great achievements.

He has won the Berklee Guitar Achievement Award, recorded five solo instrumental guitar records, did private events as a solo guitarist (weddings, GB gigs etc), Musical Theatre pit work (Guitar, Mandolin, Ukelele) and video / audio recording sessions. In addition to this Thayer is a versatile guitarist making him able to play in many different genres. He is a gifted composer, strong sight reader, passionate instructor and chart maker as well.


Music Director – The Ode to The Wasp Woman

Thayer Naples brings musical direction to this gripping theatrical production, written by Rider McDowell and starring Sean Young. All musical numbers are arranged into a solo guitar style, capturing an intimate feel for this production.

“Ode to the Wasp Woman, delves into the last 48 hours in the desperate lives and deaths of four fallen Hollywood B-listers from the 20th century. Presented as four one-act shorts, it’s a tabloid-style tale that exposes the sensational events leading to the demise of Our Gang’s Carl ‘Alfalfa’ Switzer, leading lady Susan Cabot of Roger Corman’s cult classic The Wasp Woman, TV’s Superman George Reeves, and notorious model-turned-actress-turned-prostitute Barbara Payton, who titled her autobiography I Am Not Ashamed.”

“Thayer Naples’ smooth musical direction accentuates the songs that each main character sings.”



Dusk on the Desert Plain


Recorded by Josh Druckman, and made possible by Raymon Eluzoa and Micheline Gingras, Dusk on the Desert Plain, brings a modern take to a western feel. Inspired by the movie soundtracks of spaghetti western greats such as, “Fistful of Dollars” and “For a Few Dollars More,” Dusk on the Desert Plain provides interpretations of the western sound through electric and acoustic steel and nylon string. Thayer provides two original tracks including the title, which showcase the great drumming of Dan Berkery and the elegant bass playing of Jeff Koch. 



“Thayer is magnificent— everything from his guitar playing to his business etiquette. As part of my boyfriend’s surprise 30th birthday party, I hired Thayer based on a co-workers recommendation. A few weeks before the party, we chatted about playing Brazilian jazz. He drew up a playlist for me to review. Not only was it exactly what I was looking for, but it also included some beautiful compositions that were new to me and now on repeat! Thayer made the evening extra special. I definitely recommend!”


“One night I wandered into the restaurant OLMA on the Upper West Side for a drink at the bar and realized that the wonderful guitar music I was hearing was live! After the set, I went over and introduced myself to Thayer and learned that he played at this venue every Friday evening. After that, I found myself drawn to this restaurant week after week, knowing that it would be an evening full of great live music. He played such a variety that any age group could appreciate him.

In the midst of planning my son’s Bar Mitzvah it suddenly dawned on me that Thayer would make an excellent addition to the cocktail hour at my event.

When I asked him to come and entertain us for the afternoon he was thrilled. The day of the party he was amazing! I got so many compliments from my guests on his music and unique style. He was a pleasure to work with from start to finish and he added sophistication to the day with his talent and pleasant personality. I would highly recommend Thayer for any event!”


“Thayer is a great guitar instructor, but also a lot of fun. Whether you want to work on technique, learn your favorite songs, or develop skills as a songwriter, he can help you get there. He goes above and beyond as a teacher, sending free tutorial videos between lessons to keep you on track. Highly recommend!”


“Thayer is an expert in a wide range of guitar styles. He can help you to explore any genre that interests you. Thayer is very passionate and fun to work with.”



Private Events




Music Theory